David Walsh

Developer, Visionary and AI generated Pirate

With 19 years of experience as a full-stack developer, I have a proven history of building web applications and driving innovation. My expertise extends to headless architecture, serverless technology, and AI, indicative of my commitment to stay abreast of cutting-edge trends. Beyond technical proficiency, I excel in leadership roles, managing teams, and streamlining business processes.

David Walsh

My Experience

NextJS Logo


Beginning in 2019, I embarked on a productive journey with React and NextJS, during which I've constructed numerous websites utilizing diverse content management systems such as Prismic, Strapi, Bullhorn, and Magento. This also includes custom APIs, demonstrating my flexibility and adaptability in various technology ecosystems. Furthermore, I incorporate TypeScript in my projects to guarantee type safety, highlighting my commitment to creating robust, secure, and efficient web solutions.

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Magento & Magento2

Since 2009, I have been deeply engaged with Magento, working proficiently on both its open source and enterprise editions. My extensive experience includes building and maintaining numerous Magento 1 and 2 websites, even developing headless versions with bespoke NextJS frontends. In addition, I've crafted custom modules and orchestrated seamless integrations with various systems, underlining my expertise and flexibility in the eCommerce domain

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CoPilot & GPT

I possess a profound interest in Artificial Intelligence, leveraging sophisticated tools like CoPilot and ChatGPT to optimize my productivity. I've demonstrated my technical prowess by developing utilities with the GPT API, ranging from automatic Meta Data generation to crafting customized chatbots. These chatbots harness the potential of OpenAI's embeddings, vector databases, and bespoke indexers, showcasing my ability to effectively utilize state-of-the-art AI technology.

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Since 2018, I have proficiently utilized Docker , using it to design and manage a local development environment for Magento 2. This environment has proven to be instrumental in streamlining upgrade processes and development tasks for other team members, owing to its consistency and reliability. My experience with Docker underlines my ability to create efficient and user-friendly tools, fostering a more productive and unified development process.


I have been leveraging CI/CD practices since 2018 to build, test, stage, and deploy production sites, showcasing my commitment to efficient, reliable software development. My current tool of choice is GitLab CI, but my experience is not limited to this platform. I have also worked with Bamboo, GitHub Actions, and CircleCI in the past, demonstrating my versatility and adaptability in integrating diverse tools to optimize the software development lifecycle

Midjourney Logo

AI Art & Midjourney

I harbor a dynamic interest in AI Art generation, employing platforms such as Adobe Firefly, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney. My creative endeavors in this domain have been recognized with victories in AI art challenges, demonstrating my artistic prowess alongside my technical skills. For a glimpse into my creative portfolio please visit my profile on Wire Stock.

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Agile & Jira

I have been utilise Agile methodologies using Jira. I mentor technical and non-technical team members in Agile practices, and have been instrumental in the adoption of Agile practices in my current organisation.

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I have worked with WebGL to create innovate solutions for clients to create and display 3D models of their products. This has included creating custom shaders. Check this out at Funki Fabrics

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GraphQL and APIs

My technical expertise encompasses working with GraphQL, REST, and SOAP, adeptly handling both client and server sides. Additionally, I have developed custom APIs, tailored to enable clients to seamlessly integrate with their own systems, and helped .NET developers to absord WSDLs into their projects, and support there own learnings.

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I embarked on my journey with PHP at the age of 14 in 1998, and since then, my engagement with the language has been constant and comprehensive. Over the years, I have kept pace with every iteration, utilizing a diverse array of frameworks and applications. This extensive and enduring experience underscores my deep-rooted expertise in PHP and its evolving ecosystem.